1.) Accounts: Only one discord account per user. No offensive names. Players cannot "impersonate" other tribes or players.

2.) Your Tribe/Character name cannot be offensive, contain advertising or include swear/vulgar words. (Admins will monitor)

3.) Players shall not advertise using their player name or tribe name, or in the chat! (you are welcome to advertise it on the discord #twitchchannels, just don’t spam it). Advertising: advertise other servers, YouTube or Twitch addresses in game!

4.) Tribe Limits: You must not use alliances to skirt the Tribe max (7 people per tribe).

5.) Building: Placing foundations/pillars to claim land or to block mass amount of resource spawns is also disallowed and may result in your structure being removed or entire tribe’s structures wiped (if excessive). Obelisk/Caves; Building on obelisks or their respective craters is not allowed. Building in caves (land or underwater) are permitted so long as they do not prevent access to any unique resources such as artifacts or drops. Buildings that block loot drops from access to other players will be removed!

6.) Boss dino's (including wyverns and giga's) bought with arc coins are exchangeable  within your tribe . Trading , Boss dinos, babies and DNA of boss donation dino's (including wyverns and giga's) is strictly forbidden since it influences the donations we get to upkeep the servers! They will be removed if traded!

7.) Do NOT leave your tamed dino's all over the map. Keep them at your bases!

8.) Do NOT Enter or Steal from bases, DO NOT drag offline players into water to kill/loot them, DO NOT lure wild dino's to players bases and loot their dead corpses, DO NOT lift any player off their dinos, DO NOT go through other players items unless that player has given you permission, DO NOT claim any unclaimed dinos, and lastly DO NOT touch any base that shows demolish on it. Post a picture in the ark general chat with a statement and an ADMIN will handle it.

9.) At level 5 you can learn the Engram Rewards Vault . Craft the vault, place it, and when you open it you will see your starter pack.

10.) Oil pumps on it is only 1 pump per House to be placed. If you place more then one it will be destroyed.

11.) On EB and Valguero maps ONLY you are allowed 2 bases and an outpost (4x6 base taming pen 5x5) per tribe! If you have questions please ask an admin .. all rules of blocking resourses apply.


All other Maps You can build 2 bases (1 land and 1 water) per tribe!
12.) If you decide to stop playing the game DO NOT hand your stuff over to other players. Admins are to be notified and will work with you to get rid of your items.

13.) You can claim a spot to build a base for 24 hours, if you didn't start building the base during those 24h you need to remove the structures used to claim the spot to let someone else build there! Server restarts times listed below for all maps.

14.) If you leave taming pens behind, you have to unlock them so that others can use them, or they will get deleted! But do not think we are your personal house keepers, we delete once and give you a warning ... next time it's your base structures that we delete. Keep the map tidy so others can play as well!

15.)Please don't tame any of the Managarmr's that are in the air (unless you know how to get it down).. Wait till you can get them to land .. Admins will not go after a floating Managarmr's they will get bugged.

16.) When voting please post complete pictures of each page. This has to include the date and the map. Admins will only pay for every 24 hour vote .. Please do not vote every 13 hours and post for you will not be paid.

17.) Please make sure no blocking of beaver dams.. dino spawn spots .. On the island Carno Island no building .. Ragnarok in the highlands where the giga's spawn no building .. No building in caves with artifacts (If not sure ask an admin please )

18.) NO Flyers allowed in the Aberration map .. Please keep the server as intended .. Admins will be Monitoring .

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