1.No Griefing Examples: Picking up new Spawns/players from the Safe zones or a location and repeatedly dragging/dropping them to their death over and over.

2. At any one time in the PVP server you are allowed 7 members online per Tribe until we expand our current slots if we see more than one online someone will be forced to either join the PVE server or go offline until someone else from the Tribe goes offline.

3. Players who do not play any longer -please give a notice to the Admin or Mod of the server, bc we will destroy abandoned bases of inactive players after TWO weeks to help keep the server from having multiple base's that are inactive.

4. No raiding a base over and over again. Must allow at least 48 hours for your rivals to rebuild.

5. Going out of your way to ruin the fun of another person.

6. No Advertising- No Spamming.

7. No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items.

8. Respect all Players. Do not harass other players or spam text/voice chat. Racial/Sexist or any other kind of derogatory slur will not be tolerated.

9. Respect the Staff.

10. If you are caught cheating you will be banned immediately (Admins monitoring log's 24/7)

11. If players tame a animal in an area, they need to clean up after the tame .. No feeders.. barriers left behind.

12. No foundations just randomly left all over.

Chronic Gaming
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