Lucky find ! some would say but some have just tried and tried to have no LUCK, the people who mastered this chest were amazing and had luck non ever seen before they are 7 members all in total and 7 seems to be their favourite number, they are quite simple with their way of life and understanding of things. regardless they still made chests gods couldn't find!

MARCH ON, FORWARD MOVE IT! these people are a militant tribe, they focus on work work and have a military ethic style. they tend to be somewhat scary looking and cause of their high tone voice the best place for them to be were high lands, they constantly repeat numbers as they march they only can count up to 2 funny enough. still annoying and probably why the gods couldn't handle being around them.
(Chest Found and Looted)

Smart calming tribe not too far ahead of where they could be, they simple mindedness but also ability to remember were almost beyond all. they were quite found of jumping numbers and seem to like singing, they normally like to start singing with the number 2 for some reason they find a way to make it sound poetic. (Chest Found and Looted)

The ones above all. remember how i was saying about the last people being the ones almost above all. well these are the people above all. these are mastermind crafter's and love complex patterns, as for simple minded people would never be able to accomplish such perfection in craftsmanship. 2 is also their favorite starting line as they believe in the motto 2 minds better than 1 but the only down fall is they tend to be opposite from each other and when i say opposite i mean like looking through a mirror to figure out their code but they always like to close in the gap.
(Hard chest)

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